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Rivera Law Firm, Inc. provides bold, practical legal and business advice to emerging-growth, Fortune 500, financial and other companies throughout the United States. Our experienced attorneys create lasting value by collaborating closely with clients—and one another—to address sophisticated litigation and transactional challenges and support short- and long-term business goals. Together, we’ve built a national reputation for helping clients advance their business interests; prevail in complex business initiatives, transactions and legal disputes; and create value for owners and shareholders by mitigating risk and positioning themselves for opportunities.

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Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Rivera Law Firm, Inc. has a nationally recognized practice representing both asset-based and cash-flow lenders, equipment finance lenders and trade creditors whose commercial customers have filed for bankruptcy protection.

Commercial Litigation

Our litigation attorneys are skilled trial attorneys who achieve difficult wins in complex cases. While we love to take things through a verdict and are successful against the largest opponents, we understand that litigation can have a huge impact on your business. Our legal, business and technical experience helps us to see the big picture, and we counsel clients on the likelihood of various outcomes to help them make informed decisions about expending resources (both in time and money) to pursue or defend a case.When it is time to act, we are savvy and tough, leveraging our firm’s deep trial and litigation experience and access to advanced technology and research tools. As such, we’re a perfect fit for clients looking for a staunch advocate in their corner and an effectively modernized approach to legal matters.

Commercial Litigation

Corporate & Securities

Companies need capital and talent. To make their money grow, investors need to own a piece of a common enterprise filled with talented people. Both need each other, but both have asymmetrical information and risk, so relationships and reputation are everything to keep the circle of talent and capital flowing. Agreements become a proxy for trust between the parties and clarify how relationships will be judged.Regulators also seek to build trust in the market at large by creating uniform standards, but the diversity of modern commerce makes this task nearly impossible. The system we have is a set of strict rules that are ever-changing to stay ahead (or react to) the cleverness of bad actors. Investors and companies alike need counsel with the experience to navigate through rule-driven laws and to be able to draft and negotiate strong agreements.

Corporate & Securities

Corporate Finance

New rules are continually changing the old business of borrowing and lending. These new rules stem from market competition, increasing regulation, and technology. Everyone involved needs to keep up with what’s market for common terms as well as what financial product innovations and laws are on the horizon while also never losing sight of the commercial context of a deal. That means keeping each transaction structured as simply and expeditiously as possible, consistent with our clients’ needs.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property accounts for a majority of most company’s total enterprise value. With the rapid pace of technological change and competitor forces, though, intellectual property does not retain its value without matching effort. Practicing intellectual property law is a bit of an art that requires forward-thinking creativity to optimize the legal, technical, and business prongs underlying every valuable piece of intellectual property.

Financial Services

Financial services is an extremely competitive industry in which rates and spreads are shrinking, and risks are growing more difficult to manage. To generate returns, clients operate in distinct markets and seek new platforms to reach customers and operate more efficiently. Firms require skilled, hands-on legal support to navigate everything from transactions, to financing and credit matters, to syndications, to bankruptcy proceedings and foreclosures, to commercial litigation involving borrower disputes, asset collection and much more. We also have extensive experience representing banks in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings involving aircraft. We collaborate closely with corporate counsel to spot legal issues early and avoid the often costly complications that develop when such issues are missed or ignored.

Financial Services


Technology is moving at an ever-increasing pace. Through distributed communication platforms, talented and creative designers, developers and inventors have more access now to other technologies and talent. This makes it easier to develop a genius solution and gain traction to disrupt a once successful incumbent company or established way of doing things.


Rivera Law Firm, Inc. provides cost-effective guidance on all aspects of manufacturing finance, and related distribution, inventory maintenance, floor plans, and consignment agreements. Likewise, contract enforcement, including covenants not to compete and the protection of proprietary information is an area where Rivera Law Firm, Inc. can be of particular help.

Oil & Gas (Downstream)

Our extensive background in oil & gas and related downstream operations arises out of the preparation of security agreements, consignment agreements, marketing agreements, warehousing agreements, inventory agreements, distribution agreements, and related transport agreements. Likewise, we provide advice and guidance regarding the perfection of an interest in extracted oil, and navigate through the applicable state specific laws. A frequent misperception in the oil industry is that title to product is always of paramount importance.


Rivera Law Firm, Inc. represents lenders in making operating loans and equipment loans to commercial trucking companies. We can prepare all the documents to consummate the operating loan or the financing of equipment for the trucking company, including any asset-based loan agreements, equipment lease agreements, equipment financing agreements, TRAC leases, and conditional sales contracts. Likewise, we prepare equipment delivery & acceptance agreements, prefunding agreements, maintenance escrow agreements, risk sharing agreements, insurance agreements, and other related documents. Similarly, when Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulation issues arise we provide guidance.


Rivera Law Firm, Inc. represents clients in buying, selling and leasing of aircraft as well as related aircraft financing and refinancing, financial restructuring, and recovery of aircraft. To this end, we assist clients in evaluating aircraft title and lien issues, negotiate escrow terms, assist in the appraisal process, and conduct closings including to ensure proper filing of documents for registration and perfection. We represent aircraft owners and lien holders in disputes with insurance companies, and have extensive experience generally in navigating the complexities of insurance coverage issues. We also have extensive experience representing of banks in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings involving aircraft.

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